The Six Figure Reseller Guide
The Six Figure Reseller Guide
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The Six Figure Reseller Guide

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Tired of mediocre sales and ready to take your reseller game to this next level? The Six Figure Reseller Guide is for you! 

You don't need a whole warehouse or make it your full time job to make crazy money from reselling. Quality over quantity is the name of the game and can be learned by anyone with the right tools! However, an intense hustle and determination to make it happen are two things you will need to bring yourself. Are you up for the challenge?


Sections Include:

Building Your Foundation: From inventory to admin sheets to finances, get your business squared away so that it runs like a well oiled machine! This section is what separates a well managed business from a reselling side gig, so make sure you tick all the boxes before moving forward!

Increasing Profit Per Item: Work smarter, not harder, and learn why this strategy makes better use of your time. Get your math skills up to speed because we calculate what budget to set, profit to aim for, and profit margin to average based on YOUR personal business and goals. 

Checking Comps: It is not as simple as checking numbers. Learn how to effectively analyze comps in a way that determines what the actual value and desirability of an item is. This skill allows you to stay confident in your sourcing. 

Sourcing: In-person, online, it's all covered! High profit gems can be found everywhere, so even if you live on a remote island in the Caribbean, you can find some killer items. Not only do we cover where to find these items, but how to beat out the tough competition, so that the items are all yours. 

Continuous Growth: The hustle does not stop when it comes to working towards six-figures! Keep the momentum going in order to reach your goals by expanding your business in these ways.


Additional Feature: The Ultimate $50+ ASP BOLO Brand Instagram Page

With purchase of this guide, you gain access to the instagram page that has 325+ BOLO Brands that all have a $50+ ASP. New brands are added constantly, so your knowledge is ever growing! Be able to visually see a label tag, know what categories to specifically look out for, and a recommended price to pay based off comps. Instructions to access are included. 


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United States United States
Packed With Info!!

I was blown away with how much information is in this book! I feel a lot more confident with my sourcing and cannot wait to do more of it this way. Everything is laid out very clear, and Ashley is always very quick to answer any questions I have. Overall, very pleased with this investment. Also, I am super excited for my first quarterly call!

United States United States
Highly Actionable

I love how this guide gives you step by step of what to do to set your business up for success. It isn't focused on what you should source or what you should price it, but rather the strategies that create a well-oiled machine of a business that you can make fit your needs regardless of if you sell high or low dollar items!

Chelsea F.
United States United States

I have learned so much from this book and it has only been a couple days! Online sourcing and finding higher profit items was what I needed help with and this checked all the boxes!!! I highly recommend this guide to anyone who wants to be better at online sourcing.

A ReCloth Collection Customer
Natacha B.
United States United States
100% Worth It!

Ashley put together a thoughtful and thorough ebook that I would highly recommend to anyone starting up as a reseller or wanting to take their reselling journey to the next level. The section on sourcing strategies alone makes this ebook more than worth it. It is valuable information that I find myself returning to regularly and it has already made a difference in my business. I like to think of my investment in this ebook as having hired a consultant to help me build a strong reselling business foundation. Worth every dollar!

Lydia J.
United States United States
Preset Review

A few weeks back I purchased the crisp and clear, black, and white presets for light room, and so far I am loving them! I was editing in IG for so long and it was taking up way too much of my time. The all around benefit of clearer and crisper photos along with saving valuable time is a double win- definitely recommend!