ThredUp Starting Tips: What You Need to Know Before You Begin

So you wanna be successful selling on ThredUp...

We'll good new! This 4 part series will run you through all things ThredUp with

1. What You Need to Know Before Getting Started - *this post*
2. Sourcing for Thredup
3. Driving Sales on ThredUp
4. Keeping Track of Inventory

ThredUp is a very small part of my reselling business. I spend maybe one half day a week focusing on it. But, with that little time, I have made over $23,000 in total earned in 1.5 years on the platform. 

But with more time and focus, you could earn so much more!

Whether you just started, just sent in your first box, or in a couple deep, there are a couple things to continuously remember about ThredUp.

1. The Market is Completely Different From Other Platforms

What sells on Poshmark or Ebay, may not sell on ThredUp, or vice versa. That is why testing the waters is so important. 

However, just like other platforms style is so important. We will get into it more on the next email, but I learned the hard way that just because it is designer, doesn't mean it will sell well on ThredUp. Ugly jackets are ugly jackets.

BUT, ugly jackets can sell. This is why ThredUp can be so hard to grasp in terms of sourcing.

Long story short, be flexible and be patience. && wipe your knowledge of what is good to pick up for other platforms.

2. Just Because It Sold for One Person, Doesn't Mean It'll Sell the Exact Same for You

It is great to get a feel of what is selling from others, but do take note that doesn't means that item is selling super well on ThredUp. 

It is more important to notice consistent trends in selling. Say someone sold the same style & brand twice. That may be more noteworthy. 

Key example: Last year I sold a Magda Butrym blazer for $500. Guess what, I found the EXACT SAME BLAZER sourcing and it still hasn't sold yet. 

But its time will come, which brings me to my next point...

3. It Can Take Time for Items to Sell

"Every item has a buyer" could not be more true for ThredUp. If something doesn't sell its first time around, don't get discouraged. If something gets rejected, send it back in. 

I honestly have no idea why an item will sell at a certain time, but it just means the right eyes found it at the right time. 

Keep cycling items through on ThredUp. At the beginning as you are getting the hang of what to send it, it is a bit more of a numbers game. 

4. The ThredUp Process Changes A LOT 

The ThredUp process has changed probably 5 times since I started a year and a half ago. So always expect changes and do not be surprised when they happen. 

5. Get Your Head in Deep with Other's Experiences

The best way to learn when getting started is to immerse yourself in other's experiences.

If you remember from my reselling journey email, I followed Kreithchele @krangele back before I even started my reselling account. When I was learning about ThredUp, I stalked her pages for her tips and to see what she was sending in and what they were selling for. 

Find out what kind of items you will most likely send in and find other's accounts that are sending in items with similar price points. Kreithchele's matched my desire to send in designer items to ThredUp, so I took in a lot from her. Another person that provides a ton of insight is Tiff @tmlshops.

6. It's a "Learn as You Go" Experience

As much as you can learn from others, due to everything I mentioned above, it really is a learn as you go experience. So my final advice to starting off is don't try to be an expert before you get started. Don't try to send the most perfect things in with your first box. Get started and adjust. You will make mistakes and you will learn from them. 

Still take in as much knowledge, but know it still won't make you perfect and it still depends on your analysis of items that you send in. 

Put in the work and you are going to do so well selling on Thredup!

I highly recommend Kreithchele's course on ThredUp if you are looking to get started. I will provide you ton of my own information and strategies, but a lot of things I have learned from her, so I don't want to take credit for all her info or reveal any secrets!

Wishing you all the luck! 



Enroll in the course here.


Thanks for stopping by my page! My name is Ashley and I am an part time online fashion reseller. I have seen a lot of success over the past 2 years and would love to share all my knowledge with you! Don't forget to follow me on IG @reclothcollection!

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