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The Six Figure Reseller Guide

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The Six Figure Reseller Guide really focuses on how to ensure your entire business is set up for success! As someone who finds inventory mainly through RA, I had a better idea of what items would make good flips to increase my profit margins. I was able to use her discounting methods from the Posh Starter Guide with the knowledge from The Six Figure to increase my sales/profit margins over the past few months since I started.


This book is great if you are ready to scale your business to the next level! Ashley explains everything to where anyone can understand and follow to get to make six figures. I saw a difference immediately!


I cannot believe all the information in this book! I feel like I am running a legit business now. I always wanted to be able to source higher profit items (I mean who doesn't), but I didn't realize how much I had access to those things other than just looking at my thrift stores. I cannot wait to see my progress in the months to come!


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